Is Going To A Concert Alone Okay Or Nah?

Is it really that big of a deal, if one at all if you go along to a gig on your lonesome?

A friend lets you down last minute, no one likes that particular band you really want to go and watch… there’s a few reasons why you might end up going alone to a gig. Interestingly, I have been to a few gigs on my own (partly out of choice, having reviewed gigs for a hot minute) and admittedly it wasn’t the end of the world.. I could concentrate on nothing but what was happening on stage rather than occasionally leaning over to say something about what was in front of my eyes to my mate.  However, I do also see the obvious benefits of having someone to go with and I guess they do go without saying.

Often though, when I’m at a gig in Manchester, I do tend to see this one particular guy (who’s seemingly on his own) at pretty much EVERY gig I go to. The first few times I saw him admittedly the thought crossed my mind that “oh god he’s on his own, I could never do that,” but with years gone by you know what there’s something to be commended about it. Why should anyone feel embarrassed or any concern about what others think if they want to go watch a band by themselves?

And it seems that guy isn’t alone as a lot of you on Twitter admitted you go solo too…

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I guess to conclude and to answer the question as to whether going alone to a concert is okay or not, it’s a big fat yes and a lot of you have been doing it for years.