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Neck Deep Interview – ‘We’re not reinventing the wheel, just playing pop punk’

While many bands try to create something new, Neck Deep are totally happy with their style. We met the guys and asked them about their music, the current state of the scene and more. They also gave hints to the new material of which we can expect in the future…

You guys seem to like the trading card game Magic The Gathering. Do you find the time to play it while touring?

Yeah we’re always playing Magic on tour, we take our cards with us everywhere! You’d be surprised how many chances in a day we have to play.

You have been very productive these days. Touring and writing music for nearly 3 months and in March you will hit the road again. Don’t you sometimes miss the “normal” life?

I think for us this is ‘normal’ life now. If we’re ever at home with nothing to do it feels weird, haha. It’s nice to have some time off though, because we’ve been super busy lately.

Is there any news regarding new material?

There’s not much we can say about the new stuff just yet, but all will be revealed soon. All I can say is it’s awesome, and it’s the best material we’ve ever written. You’ll be hearing some new music in May around Slam Dunk Festival!

You were awarded ‘Best Newcomer’ by Kerrang! Do you still feel like a newcomer band?

I don’t think we feel like a new band at all anymore. We’ve been touring steadily for long enough that now we’re seeing new bands come through doing what we were doing a year or two ago.

Pop punk is in a way related to hardcore, but hardcore fans are usually not quite happy with the genre you guys are playing. Do you sometimes face awkward situations when performing in front of traditional hardcore kids?

We will play to whoever wants to listen. We’re not bothered. I think it’s too easy to get caught up in genres and stereo types. Who cares? Music is music and people can like whatever they want. If we’re included in that then awesome.

You have the slogan “generic pop punk” on your merchandise. Is this your way of making fun out of haters?

People often say that our sound is ‘generic’ or ‘nothing new’. It makes me laugh because we’re not trying to do anything new. We’re not reinventing the wheel, just playing pop punk. So when people say we’re ‘generic’, like it’s an insult, all they’re really doing is confirming that we’ve nailed the sound we were going for, haha. So yeah, we figured we should stick it on some merch.