4 New Bands We’ve Recently Started Listening To…

New year, new music…

Sometimes we can thank Spotify, sometimes we can thank social media. It’s always a good feeling when you discover some new bands to listen to that you instantly want to delve into every inch of music they’ve got to get yourself as familiar with them as you can be.  We wanted to share 4 new bands we’ve recently got ourselves into.

If you’ve got any other recommendations, feel free to let us know! We’re always looking to expand what we listen to, especially because we listen to hours of music every day….


Eat Your Heart Out 

At the moment, we can’t think of any other band that we already listen to that sound like Eat Your Heart Out, so it’s perfect then that we now have something completely new to listen to. Oh and the fact that Movements‘s Patrick Miranda is featured on this song is just an added bonus, because we love that band. If you like what you hear, make sure you get on to their EP MIND GAMES.


Nothing, nowhere 

Sometimes you discover bands off the recommendation of someone else, by reading the likes of Rock Sound for example… but when it came to Nothing, nowhere it was a different story for us.

Having seen & subsequently used this image (below) in one of our social media posts, the comments were quick to let us know that it was from Nothing, nowhere  so naturally we had to take a listen. Having recently just signed to Fueled By Ramen, we’re pretty excited to hear more after their newest video for ‘Ruiner’ dropped.  We’re kinda getting a Twenty One Pilots vibe.

new bands


The Bottom Line

Gearing up to release album no.2, The Bottom Line recently completed a UK tour and are set to appear at Download Festival this year.


Tiny Moving Parts

Why on earth did it take us until 2018 to discover Tiny Moving Parts ?! It was thanks to a suggestion from one of you on our Facebook page, that we listened to the band’s new album SWELL – Now Tiny Moving Parts have definately gained themselves a new fan.