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5 New Bands We’ve Discovered Recently

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Some post-hardcore/rock, overly catchy pop punk, hardcore – It’s a mixed bag but these 5 new bands we’ve discovered recently really are covering all the bases! You can thank us later. Let us know if you’re already a fan of any of them, we need to talk more about their awesomeness.


Forget Tomorrow 

Kind of getting an Emarosa vibe from Forget Tomorrow you know.




Philadelphia hardcore come through. Part of the Fearless records family, Varials should be a welcome addition to any hardcore lovers playlist.



Related videos on Youtube FTW. Having just released their debut record which they recorded with the one and only John Feldmann, Makeout announced their signing to Rise Records back in July – A moment to be proud of for the Rhode Island four-piece. If you like overly catchy pop punk along the lines of With Confidence, you’re gonna be really into Makeout.


Villain of the Story 

A self-proclaimed mix of when Breaking Benjamin meets Asking Alexandria. If that sentence takes your fancy, Villain of the Story are your thing.


Thousand Below

Omg, does this song make us want to absolutely rage around the office – GETS US ALL FIRED UP IT DOES. If this gets stuck in your head like it did ours, you might wanna listen to the rest of the new album THE LOVE YOU LET TOO CLOSE which was only release back earlier this month (October 6th) – YES Thousand Below you’re so damn good.