Northlane Interview

You recently stated that you’re working on new material. What can your fans expect? Will it be more like DISCOVERIES or like SINGULARITY or are you planning to go in a new direction?

We are definitely heading in some what of a new direction with heavy elements of both discoveries and singularity but still very Northlane at the same time.

Your lyrics are about several topics – what are some of your main inspirations and who writes them?

Our main writer in terms of lyrics is Adrian our vocalist , although we all come together, read over and agree on the lyrics as a whole band. On singularity our main inspiration was to send out a positive message, Something that the listener can relate to.

You guys are coming to Europe for the second time this December. How does it feel to be on one of the biggest tours this year together with Parkway Drive, Heaven Shall Burn and Carnifex?

We are so stoked to be apart of the line up. Parkway Drive are such an iconic Australian band and having had the opportunity of sharing a stage with them twice before we can not wait to do it in Europe with them, Same goes for Heaven Shall Burn. They have been such a huge influence on heavy music over the years. It’s still sinking in that we are on the tour. We had the pleasure of touring with Carnifex the first time we came to Europe on the Impericon Never Say Die! Tour and became really good friends with these guys so it’s great to be going back to Europe with some familiar faces as well!

Is there a rough release date for the new album already?

Not yet but I think we are aiming for sometime mid 2015.

Tell us something about your approach on the new material – who mainly writes the music in the band?

Musically our main song writer is our guitarist Jonathan Deiley. With both of our last albums it was all pre pro then straight into the studio, with this album we are aiming to go back to square one and jam out alot of the ideas and songs before we even think about going to the studio. This is something that we have never done before and in the past without doing this we have found that some songs that we had recorded before jamming them out didn’t really translate live how we hoped they would.

I remember you playing small clubs back in 2011 to only small crowds. 2 years later you’re selling out a headliner tour through Australia in 800-1200 capacity rooms. How do you think you acomplished that and how does it feel?

Touring! We did alot of small and rural Australian tours that most bands wouldn’t think about playing, where the crowds were very small but it helped us to gain a loyal fanbase around Australia. That along with some amazing viral marketing by Josh Smith our guitarist and Luke Logemann from UNFD saw us go from a small band playing to 50 kids to where we are currently at. It’s such an amazing feeling walking out on stage and seeing that many people are there to see Northlane and screaming all the words and having the best time they can. Every show keeps getting bigger and bigger and we can’t be grateful enough for all the people who always show up to our shows and support our band.