Pierce The Veil

Pierce The Veil Interview – ‘We really appreciate, that we can go out, play music and be on stage together’

Pierce The Veil are quite busy at the moment: Whilst they’re playing across a whole host of european stages together with Sleeping With Sirens they’re also fine-tuning their new album which should be released very soon. We caught up with the guys from San Diego to ask them more about what we can expect from Pierce The Veil this year…

For a lot of bands a constant lineup seems to be rather challenging. so, what is your “secret” and what keeps up the good mood within the band?

It’s just that we love what we are doing and we really appreciate, that we can go out, play music and be on stage together. We are grateful for this and we are not only bandmates, we are more like brothers. So we have lots of fun together and like to be around each other. That’s quite important when you spend such an amount of time that close with each other whether onstage or off stage and in the studio.

What makes a band a good fit? Name the top things you like about each other

We are all different characters, but that’s exciting. And we all meet at the point of love and passion for what we are doing. We have the same goals and we like to keep it fun. Plus, we push each other really further as musicians. So we always try to improve and get better and put all our heart and work in our music.

You’re famous for your thrilling stage performances, where do you get the energy for it from?

Definitely the audience. it’s just crazy. and we are so thankful for our great fanbase. It’s such a positive and overwhelming vibe.

What is the last thought that crosses your mind before walking on stage?

(laughs) Haha … „don’t fall“ that’s really my last thought before i go on stage. I like to move around a lot and have a tendency to forget, that i could trip

Is there something you miss a lot while being on tour?

Friends and family for sure. When you’re on tour in the United States, you can call if you feel like talking, but when you are far away, it’s not that easy because of the distance and the time difference

What’s the main difference between the united states and Europe for you?

There are quite a lot of differences, but we are glad, that we can see both sides. You can gain a lot of great experiences while travelling and touring the world. There are so many cool and exciting places. Think about Europe or Japan.

What’s the first thing you do after returning home from tour?

Oh, i would say … a long … a veeeery long shower. And the other thing is going to a Mexican restaurant. That’s another thing i miss while being on tour.

What’s your favorite piece of clothing in your closet and how old is it?

There is this green football shirt from the Mexican national team, my father gave me a couple of years ago. It’s maybe five years old now and i still wear it on stage sometimes.

How many shirts do you take on tour with you? and how many pairs of shoes?

We usually bring a lot with us. definitely a bunch of shirts. and if you forget something, you can always go and get to buy something on the road. and i guess i have like three pairs pairs of shoes with me on tour. and for the last three years or so, i used to wear this old pair of red vans on stage. they are like my lucky shoes. so good chance, you catch me on stage, wearing these again.

What’s your latest gift purchase? Who was it for?

Let me remember … a good friend of mine just turned 29 recently and he is a lot into chips, so i got him a huge bag of chips with all different kinds of flavors.

Do you have a favorite quote you’re always living up to?

Actually, there is something. “live love” it was my first tattoo, and i’m still convinced that you should live that way and you should love what you are doing. You know, with all your heart and passion.

You seem to be living your dream … but what are you dreaming of while you’re asleep?

(laughs) haha … I have weird dreams sometimes, but they always refer to the reality. Last night i was dreaming about my friends and a restaurant and a shopping mall. It can get crazy sometimes, but for the most part, i remember what i was dreaming of the night before.

Did you know what the new record would sound like before you were heading into the studio?

We really didn’t. it’s just the process. i mean, we are definitely a band that likes to play the songs a couple of times together before we record them. Just to make sure it feels right. So, we are really into being prepared. And we always want to put everything in it, so the record turns out great.

Describe your upcoming record in five words… what’s awaiting the fans?

(laughs) haha, ok … In five words: it’s going to be great. (i hope, haha)