Review: Slipknot are still the best live band in metal

It’s not easy staying at the top of your game after 20 years as a band but on their latest tour Slipknot prove that they’re still up there and simply get better with each album and reinvention.

I’ve never been much of a fan of seeing metal bands in arena venues, it’s a fact that it’s tough for a band to sound as good as they do in a small club or to be able to create a good atmosphere that connects bands and audience. For me though, Slipknot have never had that problem, primarily because i’ve never seen Slipknot play to less than 5000 people and mostly at huge festivals. With their new look stage setup for .5: THE GRAY CHAPTER, new masks and band members they are well and truly back and better than ever!


I imagine it’s probably difficult for a band with such an extensive back catalogue of great songs to choose just 17 of them to include in the set list but tonight we see a host of songs crossing their history as well as some classics from Iowa which is celebrating it’s 15 year anniversary in 2016. The fact they played 5 songs from that album will please us old school fans greatly.


Opening up with ‘The Negative One’ has already got the ferocious pit spinning in the middle of the room and there’s arms flailing all over the place. Slipknot have switched it up a little on this tour. There’s less fire and pyrotechnics, instead opting for an insane video screen at the back of the stage to create some really cool and interesting video clips and digital effects. It almost takes you on a nice journey through the discography and there’s some pretty hard hitting stuff in there too for good measure.













One thing that a band like Slipknot can really be credited for is the fact that they unite metal fans across such a wide age range. You’ve got Dads with their kids, groups of women, young metal heads all in the same place for one reason, To watch 9 maniacs diving around all over the stage.













Best moment of the whole night is during the final song ‘Spit It Out’ when the band gets 10000 people to sit on the ground before jumping if and down. It’s total chaos, just how the band likes their shows to be.

(All Pics by Marcel Weste)