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No other band has gained such momentum in such a short period of time as Being As An Ocean have. Their debut record DEAR G-D hit the Melodic Hardcore scene like a nuclear blast and with HOW WE BOTH WONDROUSLY PERISH they’re ready to stabilize their position. Is it possible for them to push to an even higher level of greatness? We’ve already listened to the latest record and have the answer:

Typical for the band is their stunning live performances, often face to face with the crowd, and a unique mixture of Spoken Word, Melodic Hardcore and Screamo. This surely won’t change when it comes to their latest release. On the record of which is self-titled, Being As An Ocean are everything we love about them is exactly what we’re given – Even more than you would expect we should add.

The sound of BEING AS AN OCEAN

The records starts with “Little Richie”, a track you’ve probably already heard. The first thing you’ll notice is the more compact and harder sounding it is for BEING AS AN OCEAN. The previous releases haven’t been necessarily soft but with this release everything is more tight and there is less ’empty room’ or those lulls in-between. This makes the sound darker and all in all a lot harder.

being As An ocean

For those who especially didn’t feel the previous records most likely because they were ‘too soft’ will get heaps more enjoyment from BEING AS AN OCEAN. Even though the record isn’t a typical Melodic Hardcore release, the band have picked a lot of elements out of this genre and have mixed it up into an incredible sound. At the same time they’ve managed to keep their unique sound and you’ll always hearing this throughout the release, no matter how different it might appear from their previous works. With the spoken word parts loosening the structure but without reducing the speed of the album. The elements all fit perfectly.

The clean hooks, which were established on HOW WE BOTH WONDROUSLY PERISH, have been developed even further than we’ve heard before. They don’t sound like anything else you could hear on similar releases from the same genre. The hooks come soft and artsy, without being ‘pop’. This makes the record multifaceted and atmospheric. All in all there are so many details on the record, the more you hear it, the more you’ll discover.

The lyrics of BEING AS AN OCEAN

Being As An Ocean stick to their roots, at least if you only take a look at the lyrics. All in all you have a wide range of emotional topics.  Singer Joel is never obligated to squeeze the lyrics so they will fit into the sound structure, it just it is what is. The lyrics can be developed independently from the beat. Through this they are able to transform their thoughts and emotions without using cryptic metaphors.

The guys behind Being As An Ocean remain in the background and express themselves via pictures, videos and their lyrics. This hasn’t changed with their third record.


To be quite honest, I am really impressed. DEAR G-D was a stunning release, just because I have never heard anything like that before. With HOW WE BOTH WONDROUSLY PERISH the band  presented a strong release, but nevertheless it didn’t seem to hit hard enough. It was not only the hardness I missed, but also the special kick. Both things, which are found on their latest release. With this CD they are putting themselves on the throne a top of  the Melodic Hardcore genre and right now I don’t see many bands, threatening their position.

A lot of bands are releasing the same music year after year, but the extraordinary talents of Being As An Ocean push the frontiers of the genre and show new ways in which to make music. If you push the borders and present such a well crafted and sounding record, than you deserve the 6/6.


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