HATE ME - Escape The Fate

Escape The FateShed your preconceptions, HATE ME might just surprise you…

For those who’ve not visited Escape The Fate’s music for a few years, your impression of them is most likely going to centre around the Ronnie Radke era or even their THE WORLD IS OURS record from around the same time. However, believe it or not that part in the band’s history was over seven years ago, since then they’ve come along leaps and bounds.

Having aptly named their latest album HATE ME, lyrically a lot of the release addresses the hate the band have received throughout the years, of which they’ll no doubt continue to get purely because of people’s old perceptions of who Escape The Fate are. Sure their sound is cut with a little bit of cheese ‘Let Me Be.’ however there’s still some grit in there too. Just take for example ‘Just A Memory’. With wide stances and a memorable riff that might not leave your head, think of Escape The Fate as more of a rebellious all-black wearing older teenage brother to the likes of Black Veil Brides.

HATE ME might well be the shortest in terms of the number of tracks compared to the rest of their releases; however it might just be the one they should be most proud of.  We’d definitely find it difficult to believe you if you couldn’t see an obvious progression and growth in sound compared to their older albums such as their self-titled (2010) or even UNGRATEFUL (2013), HATE ME is a more refined and polished sound.

If you like your music to lean towards the more theatrical rock side of things, then HATE ME will sit firmly on your shelf, (or however the cool kids listen to music these days).  If you do anything with your day, allow yourself to listen to at least two tracks from HATE ME, ‘Just A Memory’ and ‘Alive’ – You can thank us later.


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Album: HATE ME
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