Never Happy, Ever After - As It Is

With NEVER HAPPY, EVER AFTER, As It Is were given an opportunity to write their first full length album, which they’ve seemingly compacted with all of the familiar elements from their 2014 THIS MIND OF MINE EP, but with NEVER HAPPY, EVER AFTER there’s a clear jump in fluidity and sleekness. Right from the opening track ‘Speak Soft’ is anything but, bouncing around the ears, the positive vibes are just bursting to get at you in this three and a half minute blast of sunshine.

If you weren’t feeling it yet, ‘Cheap Shots & Setbacks’ really does pack a punch. Most definitely the standout alongside ‘Dial Tones’. The combination of both frontman Patty and guitarist Ben’s vocals adds that little extra flavor which will leave you most likely feeling akin to Pharrell Williams by the song’s end.

It’s hard not to love life when songs like ‘Dial Tones’ exist. Reminiscent of bands like Four Year Strong when it comes to having the ability to write such an anthemic song, of which will not leave your head for the foreseeable future. As It Is have more than pulled it out of the bag here.

Having signed to Fearless Records late last year, the Brighton five-piece have well and truly crafted an impressive debut record. Having recorded with James Paul Wisner (Paramore, Underøath), NEVER HAPPY, EVER AFTER is a refined, clean cut 11 track ride along a metaphorical path of pure pop-punk bliss.

As It Is have definitely started something here, NEVER HAPPY, EVER AFTER is a crazily feel-good debut, which with Patty and co.’s skillset, will take them further on up in the world of pop-punk. We salute you As It Is. Make sure to catch them at this year’s Slam Dunk festival.


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Album: Never Happy, Ever After
Artist: As It Is
Tracks: 11