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Are you sometimes missing the anger in hardcore? Nasty are a band that mix pure hatred and bitterness but also seem to balance on the tightrope exactly between love and hate…thus creating a perfect mix. Will Nasty continue to bring these elements which have worked before or is SHOKKA simply an album to leave to the side? We’ve had a listen, read our review here.

You’ve got exactly 3 seconds, to lock up your belongings because ready or not, the title track Shokka’ will jump straight at you without hesitation. SHOKKA is a cranky, almost uncomfortably hate-filled track. It is precisely this mood I want to have on a Nasty album and in my eyes it’s exactly that that distinguishes the Belgians from all the restNasty stay true to their name. 

At the end of the title track Matthias screams you the line “This is where the terror starts!.” Nasty play with all of this anger and all the hatred and make it into an art form: the length of the album grows considerably longer the further into the album you go, which will of course send the listener into a downward spiral of tear-filled hatred.

The sound is reminiscent of their older stuff, without the feeling that they’ve reproduced the same for the pure ease of it. Nasty have always proved time and time again, they just are not a normal band. Making music with a total destruction and a Fuck you all” vibe. Uncompromising, tough and totally uninterested in whether the listener feels comfortable. Thus… we get modern hardcore.

Nasty explore a little deeper with their music and you should quickly realise that these guys are one of the few bands that push the hardcore genre into new directions. The majority of modern innovative hardcore bands are in a rather dark corner, Nasty however take a different path and SHOKKA is their true milestone.

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Album: Shokka
Artist: Nasty
Tracks: 15
Label: BDHW