Word Is Bond - Deez Nuts

Over the years we’ve come to expect a certain sound from Deez Nuts, this time round the Aussie hardcore four-piece deliver exactly what we want. Their fourth studio album is compact with chug-tastic riffs, and an even more unapologetic attitude from JJ Peters and co..

Comparing it to their previous 2014 release BOUT IT,  WORD IS BOND comes across more succinct, even if JJ Peters is asking questions like ‘What’s Good,’ there’s the obvious chilled vibes coming from the track, which is undoubtedly going to prove a hit live.

With Comeback Kid’s Andrew Neufeld featuring on the track ‘Behind Bars,’ it’s no ‘Band of Brothers’ (BOUT IT) which featured Architects’ Sam Carter, but it’s a solid hit which makes it a standout on the release. Having also been recorded with Neufeld and Shane Frisby, JJ Peters and co. wanted to continue on with their ‘real’ sound, of which WORD IS BOND definitely comes across as. With the majority of the tracks tending to hit below the three-minute mark, despite it being 14 tracks long, it still comes up just over at 30 minutes long, which won’t come as a surprise for fans of the genre anyway.

For those feeling up for a synchronised walk down the street, songs like ‘Face This On My Own’ encompasses all that we love about Deez Nuts. It’s a track for all the irritated hardcore kids and will encourage you to raise your fists high, joining in on the brotherly love the hardcore Aussie’s preach – Add on a little attitude for good measure of course.

Not forgetting tracks like ‘Party At The Hill’ which features Stray From The Path’s ‘Drew York, whose vocals adds a slight degree of something different to the album. Whether it’s the two tracks on WORD IS BOND, or looking back to their ‘Band of Brothers,’ with Architects’ Sam Carter, it’s an obvious fact that Deez Nuts’ sound is always better with a guest vocalist.

Whilst WORD IS BOND isn’t going to break any new ground, existing fans of the band will not be disappointed. You can catch the band on this year’s Impericon Festival, kicking off in less than a week, you can grab your tickets here. To pick up a WORD IS BOND pre-order pack, click the image below.




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Album: Word Is Bond
Artist: Deez Nuts
Tracks: 14