Anti Valentine's Day

Romance Is Dead – 10 Anti Valentine’s Day Songs

We’re looking at you single pringles… 

The adverts for roses are inescapable, the box of chocolates and flowers are on offer, the sights of too much PDA seem way more in your face than usual … yep Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us again but here’s the thing…

For all those single pringles out there, there’s only so much you can block out. Consider yourself lucky though and grab that tub of Ben & Jerry’s for yourself and crack on an action film.  Whilst most popular songs are about embracing love, here’s 10 Anti Valentine’s Day songs to keep your heart cold and black just like ours…


You knew this was coming first…

  1. Parkway Drive – ‘Romance is Dead’


The angst of a good pop punk song always helps right?

2.  Neck Deep – ‘What Did You Expect?’



3.  Three Days Grace – ‘I Hate Everything About You’ 



4. Slipknot – ‘Vermillion’ 


Well Godsmack don’t beat around the bush that’s for sure…

5. Godsmack – ‘I Fucking Hate You’ 


One of our favourite’s in the list to be honest…

6.  Coldfront – ‘So Typical’



7. Motorhead – ‘Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye’ 


*sends this accidentally to the ex…*

8. Like Moths To Flames – ‘You Won’t Be Missed’



9.  Papa Roach – ‘She Loves Me Not’ 



10. Counterparts – ‘Debris’