Shane Told (Silverstein) Interviews Amity’s Ahren Stringer

Amity Affliction’s MISERY comes out August 24th

If you didn’t know, Silverstein‘s Shane Told has a podcast called Lead Singer Syndrome. Having had everyone from Neck  Deep‘s Ben Barlow, Counterparts‘s Brendan Murphy to Comeback Kid‘s Andrew Neufled, he recently had Amity Affliction‘s Ahren Stringer on.

Talking growing up in Australia to of course his love for US sport, there’s a lot to  get your teeth into in this interview especially when it comes to MISERY talk, make some time to have a listen!


On Amity’s sound…

“We constantly get pigeon-holed as the band who keeps putting out the same record – Which I totally disagree with. Sure, some songs do sound similar but that’s just us. We use similar chord progressions, that’s just what bands do”

Shane: “Well yeah, there’s not that many chords”

“Exactly! And you run out of progressions. Like, listen to pop music it’s all the same shit. So anyway, we were like let’s go out of our comfort zone, let’s try new stuff and I think we nailed it”


On what to expect from MISERY…

“I’ll say right now, the album is not a heavy album, there’s like maybe two or three breakdowns on the whole record. Every song is really different as well. We made sure of that.. to make it as diverse as possible so it’s like an album from start to finish instead of here’s 10 banging songs one after the other.  We made it dip in parts and then get back up in parts. We haven’t heavily front-loaded the album like we usually do and put all the good songs in the start, we’ve got some trickled out throughout the album. Not that there’s any filler, it’s all killer of course but you know what I mean”

On the ‘Ivy (Doomsday)’ single…

“Well the funny thing about that is Architects released their single called ‘Doomsday’  and the second I found out ’cause we’re good friends with those guys I messed Sam Carter and I was like “holy shit no way did you guys call a song Doomsday” ’cause then I sent him my playlist of all our demos and Doomsday for us was like our first single and I sent it to him and he was like “great minds think alike” .. it’s just one of those things, so we had to like put [Doomsday] in brackets just because you hear the word Doomsday and we wanted people to know that it was the same song”



On Joel’s vocals on the new record…

“It’s not like we’re trying to become a mainstream band but we just want to test ourselves and see how far we can go and how creative we can get because you know, Joel especially he’s tired of just screaming.. anyone can scream and he just wants to prove that he can sing as well” 


On the last song on MISERY ‘The Gift Horse’ …

“It’s dedicated to one of Joel’s best friends, he just committed suicide this year. It was just the saddest song, it’s very Post Malone-y, it’s very stripped back just guitar, drums and singing”