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While She Sleeps Interview

While She Sleeps are back. Impericon asked bassist Aaran McKenzie some questions about their break, the big upcoming European tour and their anticipated new album:

Last time you spoke to Impericon, we heard that your singer Loz needed surgery because of his vocal chords. How is he doing today?

He’s doing much better since we took time out for his voice to recover. He saw some specialists to build the strength back up in his voice and learn new techniques. To be honest we think it’s the best his voice has ever sounded. It’s almost like you can hear the pain he went through to get it back up to scratch. All round more passionate than before, which
we didn’t think was possible.

How did your fans react, when they heard the news that Loz would need the surgery?

They were all actually very supportive and understanding. They would have obviously been very secretly disappointed because we were very much due for a new record to be released and to tell them it would have to be pushed back even further was very hard for us to do. But we are out the other side now and cannot wait to start releasing new music.

Has this incident changed the relationship within the band? Are you now more bound together?

For sleeps, we are much more than friends. We are a family. And families unconditionally help each other through thick and thin. This was an extremely difficult time but our relationship runs deeper than the band, and it’ll have to take something a lot more serious to break us apart.

Your first show after your break was at Download Festival in July.How was it to be back on the stage after such a long time?

We were very eager to get back on the stage, and for it to be on that magnitude was initially very daunting for us. But a few seconds into the first song we definitely had nothing to worry about. It’s what we love and we are stoked to be getting back out on the road a lot more.

This fall you will be on a big tour in Europe with In Flames, Papa Roach and Wovenwar. How does it feel to be on stage with such huge bands?

It’s a huge honour. These are bands that we have all admired for a very long time. Some of which were the first heavy rock bands we got into back in our adolescence. So yeah it’s a huge honour.

Currently you are working on a new record. Do you have any news regarding this and what can fans expect from your new album? Did your style change?

Our style in some respect has changed but that’s what happens as a natural progression in between albums. No one wants to hear the same album again. But it’s not going to be like “oh my god what have sleeps done?!” Haha the heavier bits are heavier, the melodies are the biggest anthems we’ve written, and Loz sounds like an absolute demon. We are
very proud of the work we have all put into this album and we cannot wait to release it out into the world. Regarding release date information, there is nothing I can say yet, but it’s coming and way closer than you think!