Slipknot’s Clown On Why He Doesn’t Want To Play Alongside Foo Fighters

Hear him out…

So you might be already thinking… why on earth would any band be against playing on the same festival bill as Foo Fighters? Well hear Slipknot’s Clown out…

We’d be interested to know what you make of this…

This all took place at a panel at the Pollstar Live! 2018  event in Los Angeles.  When asked by one of the speakers Danny Wimmer who said he wanted Slipknot to be on festival bills along side bands like Foo Fighters, M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan replied:

“I ask myself, does Slipknot want to play next to the Foo Fighters? The answer is no, because my kids don’t want me to do that.” 

“If we play along side Foo Fighters, we’re going to get new fans, I agree with that. I love that” “but I’m worried about the kid that won’t come to the show because we’re playing with Foo Fighters. He wants to know why we’re not playing with Nine Inch Nails. Those kids tell all of us what they want. So don’t try figure out ways of how to combine things for the new fan. I don’t need the new fan, I need the fan that has anxiety, parents are getting divorced, social problems, gender problems – I need them to come to the ultimate show. And they’re going to get that at Knotfest”. 


Interesting point of view – Where do you fall on this side of the argument?

Photo Dave Grohl : SobControllers