The Amity Affliction

The Amity Affliction Interview – “I love the energy that the European crowds have.”

The Amity Affliction have been in the business for quite some time now and sometimes a worldwide breakthrough can be hard to achieve, but now they’re already one of the biggest heavy bands in Australia, playing to bigger audiences than Parkway Drive back home. With their most recent album LET THE OCEAN TAKE ME, they’re getting more and more recognition in Europe and the USA. We asked drummer Ryan a few questions about the future of the band, touring in Europe and whether there’s any older TAA material that makes him cringe to hear today…

With your last Australian tour you just secured yourself the title of biggest touring heavy band in Australia over Parkway Drive. Is there a competition going on between you and Parkway?

There’s no competition between us. We both have a mutual respect for each other. Who knows, we might tour together eventually.

Considering you play to thousands back in Australia, how do you adjust to playing to smaller crowds in Europe? What do you like about European crowds?

The only adjusting that you have to do is get used to the hot, small and very intense packed rooms. There’s no room to breathe and there are people flying everywhere. I love the energy that the European crowds have.

I recently read that you are already working on new music – How far are you already in the writing and recording process and what can you tell us about the upcoming music?

We’re not very far in yet. We only have little bits and bobs floating around. It’s too soon to tell what it’ll sound like but we’re all very excited.

Where do you draw your inspiration for new music from – What music are you listening to in your free time?

Everyone in the band has different musical influences.It seriously spans from anything 70’s, 80’s, pop, metal. Whatever really haha.

What’s your favourite place to play in Europe and why?

I like Germany. The crowds are just wild and I love the country in general.

Are there any songs you released a long ago that make you cringe today?

There’s a song on SEVERED TIES called ‘Do You Party’. That song is fucking terrible (laughs)