Reaction Videos

The Best Reaction Videos To Make You Smile Today

Yes we spent our lunch break in a Youtube hole watching a million reaction videos and well, you could say time well spent…

If seeing people react to bands/ songs you already love puts a smile on your face, you’re gonna enjoy the next series of videos below.  Sometimes it’s pretty refreshing to see people who aren’t necessarily familiar with a genre dive right in open-minded – You know what, we’ve actually discovered a few channels to subscribe to because of this.. hopefully you will too!


Alex Hefner x Parkway Drive

No idea how Alex Hefner popped up in our suggested videos, but we’re so glad he did. Having only joined Youtube last year, he’s reacted to all of the bands from Parkway, Metallica, Slipknot to Ghost (that video by the way is absolute gold) and about a thousand others and he does it in a funny way with good editing too – Enjoy!


Truant MYFHC x Knocked Loose

Watching people experience Knocked Loose is a beautiful thing. If you weren’t already aware of Truant MYFHC before, you are welcome… this guy is hilarious.


VinAndSori x Thy Art Is Murder

“Great. Two Christians are about to misinterpret an amazing song by an amazing band…” – All we can say is, don’t judge VinAndSori by their video title – Also a near 50 minute reaction video ?! That’s dedication.


Lost In Vegas x Avenged Sevenfold 

Having only joined Youtube last February, it’s impressive to see that Lost In Vegas have already built up 471k subscribers! And just watching them gush over Synyster Gates is enough when they make comments like “His fingers are bleeding, god damn boy.. what is his name?!”.

P.s Avenged Sevenfold seemingly very popular in the reaction video community it has to be said. 


Rock Reacts x Malevolence 

Never have we seen so much joy had from two grown men watching a Malevolence video and we’re into it – Rock Reacts you’ve a new fan.