The Story So Far Interview – ‘They’ll kill me before the undead do.’

The Story So Far experienced a lot of stuff while touring and their selftitled album is going to be released in the middle of May. Another tour with Terror, Four Year Strong and Souveniers is also right behind the next corner and that causes many unanswered questions that we tried to get on the bottom. The interview gives deeper insights in the current state of the band.

What keeps being in a band fun?

Knowing what I could be doing otherwise.

What are the top things you like about each other?

We like each other, but this is a bit odd.

What is the last thought that crosses your mind before hitting the stage?

I tune compulsively, then wonder if I’m in tune one last time before I seal my fate.

Is there something you miss a lot while being on tour?

A clean bathroom.

What’s the main difference between the United States and Europe for you? and what are your favorite things about each place?

It’s the easy answer, but the culture. I like the U.S. for the “comforts of home” or familiarity, and Europe for all of its the surrounding history (castles, castles everywhere), Denmark, and how well they treat bands.

Are there bands you really would like to tour with?

Reprising the tour we did with A Day To Remember and Every Time I Die would be fun. All great people and I’d like to be on that tour now that ETID and TSSF (mostly ETID) don’t have to worry about writing new albums like we did at the time. We’ll be touring with most of the bands we want to in the near future, but have had too many scheduling conflicts with ADTR to make it happen again. We’ll make it work one of these days.

Can you tell us about your favorite fan experience?

We have a strong fan base in Italy that did a lot of work themselves pushing our band and making us feel at home when we performed there for the first time. They gave me a bit of anxiety, but a very warm anxiety, when the entire line of kids outside the venue formed a semi-circle around me when I came outside to catch up with the kids who run the street team. Long live “TSSF ITALIA.”


What’s the first thing you do after returning home from tour?

Take a shower and eat.

At what age did you move out of your parent’s home?

I moved out right after high school, but moved back in when we started touring full time. I’m never here for more than a month or two because of all the travel. I’ll move out eventually, but I’m just saving money while it makes sense to.

What record are you currently listening to?

I’ve been listening to Hyperview by Title Fight since I saw them this past weekend, but also Oingo Boingo’s live farewell album, just for a few songs.

Do you like to cook, or would you rather someone else? Or is eating out the only option?

Not really my choice on tour but to be cooked for or eat out with the exception of what can be microwaved or cooked on a George Foreman grill. Never home long enough to pick up on cooking.

What do you eat the most while being on tour?

Peanut Butter and Honey sandwiches, or whatever I can find that is good locally. I try to avoid chain-restaurants, with the exception being Buffalo Wild Wings, because it’s a good place to go eat with everyone.

What’s your favorite piece of clothing in your closet and how old is it?

I finally ruined my favorite shirt, which was this tourist shirt my dad brought home from Chile that I’ve had it as long as I can remember. Someone gave me the exact same shirt without all the holes and in a bigger size, so I sort of have it again. Other than that, I wear a lot of Reebok NHL shirts because they fit lanky people well.

How many shirts do you take on tour with you? and how many pairs of shoes?

Typically 5-6 shirts. I’ll wear a shirt 3-4 days in a row. I try to stick to my own shirts now because the whole collecting and bringing home shirts from tour thing just results in a massive t-shirt purge later on.

Do you have a favorite quote you’re always living up to?

No, but there are probably 10 or so from East Bound & Down I ought to base my life around. Primarily, “surrender is death, and death is for pussies” which I have written on my jazz bass.

Is there a favorite family guy quote you like to remember?

I was always watching Simpsons or South Park instead, so I’ve got nothing.

how do you spend a perfect night? and how the perfect day?

I feel like I’m catfishing somebody on Tinder when I read this question.

You seem to be living your dream … but what are you dreaming of while you’re asleep?

I take care of my imaginative wanderings during the day because I don’t get enough sleep.

Are you prepared for a zombie apocalypse?

Not if it’s anything like The Walking Dead where the people always use moronic judgement in high-stress zombie situations. They’ll kill me before the undead do.

What kind of job did you think you’re going to do, back when you were kids?

I actually have “traveling in a band” documented as an ambition on early school assignments. Prior to that, I wanted to play in the NBA. I’m basically doing both now.

Is there an instrument you want to learn to play?

Piano. I was too restless to learn it as a kid, but looking back I wish I had learned to play it because it’s one of my favorite instruments to listen to.

Describe your upcoming record in five words… what’s awaiting the fans?

The Story So Far, refined.

Are you writing new song material all the time or do you have some kind of a creative ritual for the process?

Nothing ritualistic and we usually heighten our writing when an album is approaching, although we ought to write more year round.

How exactly did you know what the new record would sound like, before you were hitting the studio?

You never do, really. You just have what you imagine it sounding like. Recording is just an extension of the process, the “bringing to life” step in building your own personal Frankenstein. You just have to hope that people don’t chase him back into the countryside with fire and pitchforks.