Thy Art Is Murder Interview

From quick progress these guys can sing a song: Thy Art Is Murder – founded in Sydney, Australia 2005 – Are now at the top in the deathcore genre. Hard work, an Iron will and brilliant albums like INFINITE DEATH and HATE helped paved their way to the top. To maintain this position, the guys after such a long touring period, will be heading into their projects. New happenings and tours, CJ and co. have a big year ahead of them, of which you can learn more in this interview.

You’re hailed as one of the best Deathcore bands around, How does this feel? Do you feel honored?

That’s really very humbling that we could even be thought of like that. It’s been a long road for us like all bands and we just do what we do and try our hardest to make sick music.


Your fans are waiting for a new album and they totally put their trust in your skills. What is the status of the new album so far? Are there any specific things already planned?

We have some things cooking in the thy art riff kitchen and that’s all we really want to say. We haven’t named the record yet so it’s hard to start planning themes and artwork and all that jazz.


This winter you’re going to be on tour with Suicide Silence and Fit For An Autopsy. Will there be any new material finished by then so you can play some new material on stage this year?

No, we might try and play a new song on our homecoming tour at the end of the year though. We play less shows in our home country then anywhere else in the world so that might be a nice gift for them.


Suicide Silence and Fit For An Autopsy are both bands who are definitely prestigious in Deathcore. Do you hope to get a few inspirations from them? Maybe for new material?

For new material likely not as we hope to have that part of the process completed before that tour. We are lucky to call both of those bands friends so we get inspiration from them in many other ways.


Soon, you’ll be touring again. In October in the USA, November in Europe and December in Australia. Are you excited about the time in the studios working on a new album or do you prefer being on the road?

A bit of both is always fun. The studio looks like the better option at the moment as we haven’t been there in two and a half years so the road has gotten a little bit draining at times. We’re excited to write new tunes that we’ll be able to play live next year.


You guys are well-known for your epic and crazy album artwork. So will the next record have a cover like INFINITE DEATH or HATE? How do you come up with the artwork? Do you plan them yourselves or is that the task of an artist?

We think of an idea and get an artist to come up with stuff. We didn’t really get what we wanted on the last one so the next one we might go for something darker and minimal. We will see what our moods are like when we pick.