Winter jackets

Top 10 Winter Jackets: Our Topsellers From Volcom, Carhartt & More

Feeling the need to whack on a thicker coat in the evenings now? (or even the mornings for that matter) then keep reading…

We’ve plenty of Winter jackets on offer, from Carhartt to Ironnail – Here’s a quick round up of what’s available…

Winter jackets from IRONNAIL 

Ironnail is a still relatively young brand, but the current collection stands strong with the competition. Among them is the model “James Parka Wood Camo” (see the magazine header picture – Yep, camo.. what more could you ask for. With a polyester lining, fur collar hood (detachable and of course FLEECE!) The high collar will keep you extremely warm for sure. However. if camp ain’t your thing and you prefer the more classic look then the “Robert Parka” could be exactly the right thing for you.

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Winter jackets from VOLCOM

Staying with the Parka theme here, we’ve got this particular Volcom jacket aka the “Starget Parka” in the shop in six different colors and in addition to the “classic” tones like black and olive, there are some others which might take your fancy.

Of course, the “Volcom Walk On” model is the perfect winter jacket for women, with adjustable waist and hip width and soft artificial fur lining.

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Winter jackets from RAGWEAR



“Mr. Smith”


The vegan winter jackets from Ragwear you might remember from last year’s picks – They’re a firm favourite so naturally they’re back in our list for this coming Winter.

Ragwear Jackets MEN: Above all the model ‘Mr. Smith’, which is available in olive green, black and navy complete with its longer cut is reminiscent of a parka. If this is too long for your taste however, the model “Owen” should be better fitting for you (available in black & grey).

Ragwear Jackets WOMEN: The Girl’s designs are very similar: The Parka fans should look to the ‘Monade’ model (available in navy, wine red, olive and black). If you want the cut shorter, see the ‘Ewok’ jacket –  FYI These jackets are super comfy, you’ve been warned.



Winter jackets from IRIEDAILY

And we sticking with the vegan winter jackets! With some lovely jackets from the German brand Iriedaily. The ‘Eissegler’ model is made of water and wind-repellent upper material, a soft teddy fleece along with a cheeky inside pocket to hide your valuables.

> Iriedaily “Eissegler”

Winter jackets from CARHARTT

Carhartt Anchorage

We already recommended the Carhartt Nimbus to you in our top Autumn jacket picks – But for the mild winter days the jacket is also the perfect choice! With lots of colours available in this model, get shopping!

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Winter jackets from DICKIES



When it comes to Dickies jackets, there are two classic models that characterise the brand most for us: The models CORNWELL & MILFORD.

Cornwell -Which we have in seven different colors in the shop. Has a simple style and the classic check pattern in the inner lining of the jacket! And the Dickies Milford, available in navy, black, olive and camouflage. The white drawstring hem and hood are particularly striking.

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Winter jackets from ELEMENT

Your favorite among the Element jackets: The Hemlock Two Tone model. The jacket is completely lined, the upper body and the hood with soft fleece lining, comes with two double entry front pockets, plus that sneaky inside pocket.

>>Element “Hemlock Two Tone”



Okay, winter can come!