We Came As Romans

We Came As Romans – A breath of fresh air

Not many bands are able to bring a breath of fresh air into the somehow dusty metalcore genre. We Came As Romans however are such a band, mixing interesting elements into the typical sound. The electro parts in their sound are not the only reason why We Came As Romans are truly a special band.

Line-Up of We Came As Romans

We Came As Romans have been making music since 2005, but in the beginning the guys had some troubles with their line-up. After their foundation, the band saw many vocalists come and go, but since their second EP DEMONSTRATIONS We Came As Romans has had a solid line-up without any further changes. Currently Kyle Pavone (Keyboard and clean vocals), Dave Stephens (screams), Lou Cotton (rhythm guitar), Eric Choi (drums), Andy Glass (bass and backing vocals) and Joshua Moore (lead guitar) make up the band.

We Came As Romans

We Came As Romans 2010

Discography of We Came As Romans

  • 2008 Dreams EP
  • 2008 Demonstrations EP
  • 2009 To Plant A Seed
  • 2011 Understanding What We’ve Grown To Be
  • 2013 Tracing Back Roots
  • 2015 We Came As Romans

The Band


Today We Came As Romans are part of the most successful American metalcore bands, despite them starting off as a local high school band (under the name ‘This Emergency’). As mentioned, the band have seen a lot of members come and go and today Joshua Moore is the last founding member. Due to their solid line-up after their second EP, this has never affected the sound of the band. It seems that the guys are into stability, their record deal with Fearless Records, which was signed in 2009, is still going strong today

Despite their artsy name, there is no deeper meaning behind the phrase “We Came As Romans”. Being a teenager the guys were just looking for a cool name and definitely found one. With their first record TO PLANT A SEED they were able to evolve from a local support band to an uprising player in the game. Being part of the legendary Pop Goes Punk Vol. 3 with a cover of Justin Timberlakes ‘My Love,’ they managed to reach a wider audience.

Their sound can be described as typical American metalcore, however they take this well known sound and add electronic keyboard sounds and clean vocals for much more diversity. Due to their rock solid line-up since 2008 they’ve been able to evolve their sound from record to record. With that they’ve become an internationally successful band and right now they’re one of the most forward looking bands on the Vans Warped tour. A remarkable achievement which shows the ambition, professionalism and the unique character of We Came As Romans.

But despite all these things the positive message of the band is the one thing people like about them most it seems. Many other bands in this genre are designing their sound around negative emotions for example, but We Came As Romans are trying to spread a positive vibe instead, which is why a lot of people would consider We Came As Romans as a Christian band, what was denied by the members.

Their latest record TRACING BACK ROOTS was their most successful work to-date and charted at #8 in the American Billboard Charts.

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