While She Sleeps

While She Sleeps Interview – ‘Change is another word for life’

After their singer Loz injured his throat and the band went on a break for several months they are back on stage and are coming with a new album! We asked guitarist Sean how things are looking right now and what we can expect from While She Sleeps in the future:

First of all, how is your singer Loz after recovering from his injury?

Yeah it’s all finally stating to look up. He is now in the final stages of his recovery and his voice will be back on form in no time! We just can’t wait to shred some shows!

The last time we spoke, you have recently returned to performing live and recording music. How is it to finally be fully back in the business again?

It feels amazing, don’t get me wrong a break like what we have had is extremely therapeutic and beneficial but JESUS are we ready to be a band again!

You’ve finished your new Album BRAINWASHED. Can you tell me something more about the title and the story behind it?

It basically means that as we all know but may choose to ignore it or “play the game” as it were, that we are under a false impression of how life should be, what we should think, what to do, how to act, what’s the ‘right’ thing to do, the ‘wrong’ thing to do, how to spend your time here and so on… All of this falls under the term Brainwashed. We are also a part of this mess as it’s almost impossible not to be part of the system, BUT becoming aware and spreading our views is the start to a positive awareness that could bring about change.

Describe the progression from THIS IS THE SIX to your new album BRAINWASHED.

It’s a natural progression as it always is. Change is another word for life as no one thing is EVER the same no matter how hard you try. So to fall into a slightly new sound is exiting and also inevitable . All the ingredients that made TITS are still in BW but with a lot more personal struggle and triumph expressed within it.

The track list sounds like your new record has a critical attitude towards society. Are the song names misleading or do you go for a more critical message?

It’s just being honest from our point of view and our message is one that we know others can relate to.

Something which is bothering me for a while now: Who is the „she“ and why is she sleeping?

You will never know.