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5 Halloween Costume Ideas Courtesy Of Your Favourite Bands

Stuck for costume inspiration for Halloween this year? Allow your favourite bands help you out with the decision…

When it comes to Halloween, there’s three types of people when it comes to costumes. There’s the person who goes all out (sourcing the most accurate materials, wigs etc) for the perfect imitation of their favourite scary film character, actor you name it and they just end up looking amazing and quite frankly it’s commendable. The second type of person is more down our street: See, we like to dress up for Halloween… but we reaaaally don’t have neither the time nor commitment to pull off the outfit of all Halloween outfits, so instead we opt for one of the more obvious costumes like say for example X.

Lastly there’s the person who doesn’t dress up at all (hey there’s nothing wrong with that) but maybe…just maybe you’ll find the inspiration to whip out a surprise costume from past band Halloween outfits below?

P.s You just KNOW you’re going to see tons of Stranger Things/ Harley Quinn costumes… and you know, we’ve come to accept this fact.


Pierce The Veil

Couples costume anyone? Pierce The Veil‘s Vic and his girlfriend Danielle have the right idea…


Parkway Drive 

Halloween 5

Glam rock alert. Easy to throw together, how about taking a note from Parkway‘s book?


Stick To Your Guns 


Group costumes don’t have to always be coordinated you know…


Neck Deep

Halloween 3

(Photo by: @joshuahalling)

Or do they? …Slipneck would disagreee.


Bring Me The Horizon

Halloween 4

If making a real effort in the makeup department is something you’re willing to tackle then how about this kinda look? I mean, there’s enough make up tutorials on Youtube this time of year!