Thy Art Is Murder

You will love these 5 Thy Art Is Murder Memes!

Thy Art Is Murder is probably the only band switching from serious deathcore business to CJ saying “cunt” in a funny Australian accent within the blink of eye. This funny attitude has encourage more than enough fans who create unique Thy Art Is Murder memes. Here are the best ones!

CJ is a pretty versatile character. On the record, on the stage in in music videos we know him as the screaming monster. The people who had the chance to see Thy Art Is Murder live know, that CJ is also pretty funny and loves to entertain the crowd with jokes. People frequently watching documentaries about the band probably know CJ more like this:


I’ve took a deep dive into the dark and disgusting side of the internet. After hours of research I now can present you the fruits of my labor: The best Thy Art is Murder memes, which will pass some time until their new record HOLY WAR that’s for sure.

I Am The Purest Train Of Hate


The classic. No matter how often I see CJ’s happy face, I can’t stop laughing.

Thy Art Is Murder – Hate


Here we have an alternative cover to the cutting edge record HATE. Somehow the apocalypse doesn’t seem that bad, does it?

Wayne Of Darkness


Somebody definitely took some classes in advanced photoshop. With a lot of work CJs face was popped underneath the mask of Batman. Even though you don’t see much it is crystal clear, that CJ is the dark knight. Probably a better choice than Ben Affleck, don’t you think so?



This is CJs most favourite meme and I totally understand this. I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful 14 year old scene girl. The distinct beard makes the deal perfect.

Reign Of Sharkness

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What eats seals, unwary surfers and destroys the venues afterwards?


Do you have better Thy Art Is Murder memes? I wanna see them in the comments!