As I Lay Dying

Albumsdetails “Shaped By Fired” Van As I Lay Dying Bekendgemaakt

Het album komt op 20 september uit via Nuclear Blast en een nieuwe video voor de titeltrack is ook uitgebracht.

Dit album is het eerste album sinds frontman Tim Lambesis uit de gevangenis is. Hij zat daar omdat hij in 2013 een undercoveragent probeerde in te huren om een moord op zijn vrouw Meggan te plegen. In 2016 is Lambesis vrijgelaten. De band zegt het volgende over het aankomende album:

We are tremendously grateful to have found positive resolve from the worst moments of our history. The previous chapter of our journey was one of pervasive hurt and pain. Subsequent years found us on varied paths—all of which slowly led towards resolutions of growth, healing, and reconciliation. As I Lay Dying‘s collective purpose is to share a message of hope for everyone through the empowering outlet of music, and we are humbled by the overwhelming support we have received from family, friends, and fans so far.

We are honored to join forces with Nuclear Blast Worldwide in releasing our new album ‘Shaped By Fire‘. Their legacy and contribution to the heavy music scene is undeniably incredible and we are proud to call their label home. We are thankful for their support and enthusiasm and together we look forward to sharing the best AILD record yet!

In conjunction with our new album announcement, we are excited to share a music video for the title track ‘Shaped By Fire.’ While lyrically akin to the other ‘Shaped By Fire‘ single releases ‘My Own Grave‘ and ‘Redefined‘, we explored some different musical territory to incorporate within our established sound. We’d like to thank our director Mathis Arnell, all of the crew, and actors that contributed to making this video with us under the very hot conditions!

We look forward to seeing our fans out on the road as we embark on the Latin American, European, and US tours before closing the book on 2019.

SHAPED BY FIRE bestaat uit de volgende twaalf tracks:
01 – “Burn To Emerge
02 – “Blinded
03 – “Shaped By Fire
04 – “Undertow
05 – “Torn Between
06 – “Gatekeeper
07 – “The Wreckage
08 – “My Own Grave
09 – “Take What’s Left
10 – “Redefined
11 – “Only After We’ve Fallen
12 – “The Toll It Takes

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