Make Them Suffer

Make Them Suffer streamt nieuw album OLD SOULS

De Australische band Make Them Suffer heeft via Roadrunner Australia een stream online gezet voor hun aankomende album OLD SOULS. Beluister deze opvolger voor het in 2012 uitgekomen album NEVERBLOOM hier!

Zanger Sean Harmanis zegt het volgende over dit album:

I adopted a philosophy several years ago which I apply when listening to music day to day: ‘never listen to music for what it isn’t, listen to it for what it is’. Old Souls is MTS writing music for MTS, having fun and experimenting with all the possibilities of how MTS ‘could’ or ‘could have’ sounded. Genres are so bullshit in this area of the music industry and there’s absolutely no reason why the same guy who loves Behemoth can’t like a band such as Comeback Kid. This album is living proof of that.

It’s through the diversity on Old Souls that I believe we have achieved an album with no fillers. Every song is strong as a standalone track, as each song has room to shine in it’s own light rather than be pushed amongst a pile of ‘similar songs’ competing for the same sound. We hope that the album will take you on a journey of sounds and ideas, and while it’s not as conceptually driven, or as themed as Neverbloom; the riffs, melodies and motives behind the album are all written by us, from the heart. This to me is the most important thing in a ever-so-stale scene with far too many ‘Fuck your gods’ and ‘I wanna see you cry bitches.’ This music is real, about real human emotions and if the elitists could fathom to uncross their arms for just 40 minutes, they may actually enjoy it.

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